pillow meet blanket, blanket meet pillow

So i have been sewing like crazy the last two days. doing simple projects. Two were dresses, a pillow case dress for a gift


and second a tank top dress for me, that didn’t work out quit as planned. 

the main thing that i sewed was a pillow that turns into a blanket. it was super cool and was totally easy to make. here are the instrunctions….

What you’ll need: 

2 yards of pattern fleece, or preffered fabric (for blanket)

1 yard of contrasting fabric (for pocket)

1) sew your two pieces of  pattern fabric together right side to right side, leaving one side open so you can turn it inside out. (each piece will be one yard)

2) turn your blanket right side out, fold in the open edge and hem all the way around.

3) fold your blanket into 3rds along the shorter edge. measure this distance and ad one inch for sewing room ( this measurment will be side A of your pocket)

4) fold your blanket as many times as needed along the long side to create the desired pillow thickness (i folded mine 4 times) ten measure the highth of your square and add one inch. (this will be the measurment of the other edge (side B of your pocket)

5) two identical pieces of contrasting fabric using the measurments from step 3 and 4. (remember these rectangels should be an inch larger on each side than your folded blanket)

6) sew your two pieces of contrasting fabric together just as we did in steps 1 this time leaving one of the side A’s unsewn.

7) turn pocket inside right and fold in the open rough edge of the pocket

7) open up your folded banket and pin contrasting fabric to the bottom (short edge) in the center. matching the rough edge that is unsewn to the bottom of the blanket. (remember to tuck the raw edges of the blanket inward towards themsleves because they will be seen on both sides of the pocket, as when you fold it into a pillow the pocket is turned inside out)

8) stitch the two sides and bottom edge of pocket to the blanket, leaving the open side facing the large portion of the blanket.

9) your done! now to fold, turn your pocket inside out, the long sides will automaticaly tuck into the pocket, then fold your long edge of the blanket and stuff into the pocket. 

any questions feel free to comment and i will be happy to clarify.


2 Comments on “pillow meet blanket, blanket meet pillow”

  1. me-me-me… I have a question! Do you ever make these to sell them? Lmk if you do – I have a little sister who happens to be my fave person ever and I love to find cute stuff like this for her. {I wish I could say I could make them, but I have a new sewing machine and I have no clue how to use it, lol}

    Again, loving your blog! 🙂

    • domesticday says:

      i sell stuff in my etsy shop its domesticdays.etsy.com i can make anything on here into a custom listing if you want to purchase them and they aren’t there. thanks for the comments!

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