this morning my friend beth and i attended our favorite craft fair at the store road less traveled in Santa Ana. we had a great time looking at all the different booths and catching up. When Harvey and i got home i felt inspired to work on some projects. the first was just a matter of completing a blanket that ran out of bobbin thread half around the edge stitch, so all i needed to do was finish two sides. so i did and now its done!DSC_0190

DSC_0195 by you.

then i worked on my project of the day which was a gift for tyler that i have been planning in my  head for a few days. its a little journal that he can keep in his pocket to write down his To Dos and little notes and activities so that he won’t forget. i used scraps of things around the house, a piece of cardboard off a box, scratch paper, and a scrap of fabric.

first i cut my paper and cardboard to the size i wanted and then stitched the two together down the center

DSC_0201 by you.

then i glued the fabric onto the outside of the book (i coulda stitched it but i was consirned that my stitching wouldn’t hold up as well cause i had to manually do it on the sewing machine cause i was afraid of the needle snapping)

DSC_0213 by you.

then i went through and on the top of each page i wrote a bible verse for inspiration, some were parent related some where husband related some were just general inspiration. Harvey even got in on the mix of inspiring his daddy…DSC_0229 by you.

DSC_0221 by you.


and that was it our little project of the day…..

DSC_0236 by you.

One Comment on “inspired”

  1. I have that vintage tattoo-esque print fabric too! I also have in in a peachy-pink color for the “tattoo’d mama” look. I have a line of dog collars with it..

    I enjoyed reading this – so cool. Super cute that you made that for your hubby!

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