Zucchini flower pizza, yumm!

We had a great time at the farmers market on last friday as a family (yes i am just now posting a week later…), we got a wiped honey and it is amazing! but we also got our weekly batch of zucchini flowers only this time i asked the seller what he cooks them to see if he had a different way of cooking them. he recommended putting them on a pizza it sounded good so we decided to try it.DSC_0617

here is the recipe which we used….

1 box of pillsbury hot roll mix (seasonal item except at albertsons, its found in the baking aisle not refigerator section)

6 zuccini flowers (chot the zuccini and sice flower in half)

1 tomato

1/2 container of ricotta

1 bag of grated mozzerella cheese

olive oil


mix hot roll mix per box instrunctions for pizza, let it rise and then spread it onto greased cookie sheet.

poke dough with fork 

spread olive oil over dough

spread with ricotta cheese over it

sprinkle with flowers/zucchini/tomato and any other toppings you want

top with mozzerella cheese

bake 20min at 425 degrees

enjoy!DSC_0623 by you.


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