weekend sewing projects

Harvey was super cooperative this weekend with napping so that i could sew. so here is what i did….

1st yesterday i was flipping through the sewing green book, which i totally recommend getting 

anyway she had a pattern for a pillowcase skirt, i have been trying to figure out something to do with this pillowcase so it was perfect! i made the skirt but its a plain pillowcase so i still need to emborieder it, so today i went and got new loops cause i used my old ones to make Harvey’s mobile.

then since i was sewing i figured i would go ahead and work on the onesie i am making for a baby gift and haven’t take the time to sew yet. so i worked on that and it came out super cute! basically i took an old vintage handkerchief and cut it in half and sewed it to the bottom of the onesie.

DSC_0692 by you.

DSC_0693 by you.


then today i got super insipred at tall mouse when i was getting my new loops and i had this idea that i could actually make baby leggs myself. i love baby legs and harvey wears his almost every day, as we EC it ensure that his legs are warm but gives us easy access to put him on the potty. so anyway i got a quilters quarter and an 1/8 and made 2 pairs, one for Harvey and one that was intended to be a gift but imight keep for our future daughter (i can hope can’t i)

DSC_0685 by you.

overall it was a very productive sewing weekend! i still need to get some nursing covers made to send in to a shop online, and i have my top and harvey’s shoes to sew but hey one small project at a time!
and just to share what my little buddy did while i sewed and he woke up….. well he played in his excersaucer and let george entertain him! it was super cute he was talking to george and everytime he would say something george would kiss him. when i was all done george got a new toy from the fabric scraps (seriously he loves fabric scrap toys better than the 15 dollar toys we buy at the store)
DSC_0688 by you.
DSC_0691 by you.
happy crafting!


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