my pillowcase dress…

I have had this idea floating around in my head for a couple of months about how to alter a child’s pillowcase dress patter into an adult dress. a few weeks after i started contemplating it my friends and i were at american apparel and there was the dress! so cute, the straps are longer allowing you to make the dress look several different ways. well that got me startd i was determined to figure out how to make this dress! Finally today my hubby was home and played with the baby allowing me some time to sew so i got out my material and i began first by making a large pillow case…
DSC_0712 by you.

then i cut out the arm holes and hemed the edges of them since i wouldn’t be using bias tape as i did before….DSC_0714 by you.

Then i hemed the top/center edge to make a casing for the tie… which i made by cutting strips of contrasting fabric and stitching the short ends together (i cut 2 and sewed them together to make them long enough) then i ran the tie through the casing and followed the instrunctions on american apparel for how to tie it.

this is the semi-final prodcut…. i need to recruit my fashion designer friend to help me give it a little shape right now its a little boxy especially for my hips!

DSC_0723 by you.

6 Comments on “my pillowcase dress…”

  1. That’s really cute! It looks really comfy! Especially for the hot summer months coming. Nice work!

  2. Alysia says:

    so cute! time to make me one. 🙂

  3. Jennifer says:

    So cute Sherrie!! I like the shape on your figure. I made a nightie like this, only way bigger, Sid calls it my tent. I used an old flannel sheet, it’s really comfy. I want to try one like the one you did! Cute fabric, too.

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