Domestic July

a year ago i opened up an etsy shop, i started out strong with posting items to it and promoting it but as Harvey’s birth neared i got distracted and for the last 6 months have done nothing with it. then  i got an idea from to post something everyday to my shop….so in an effort to get it up and going i have decided that July is gonna be domestic month in my house. that means all things domestic all the time! 🙂 i have committed to adding item to my etsy shop each day, blogging each day about my current project, and spending at least 1 hour a day on crafting or do something domestic project. i hope that you will check out my blog and my shop ( ) and keep on the domesticness of the Williams’ house.

To start off the month i want to share a bit of what i have been working on and what i plan to work on….

last month i made a pillowcase skirt using a pillowcase i have finished it and as soon as i do i will post pictures here on the blog ( the skirt is done but i’m embroidering it). it inspired me though to make my own pillowcase and turn it into a skirt out of fabric i love! this is what i ended up with..DSC_0011

it took a little adjusting at first cause i made the pillowcase a little wider than a standard one so it would be more flowy, but i love it!!

Also last month it was my friend Alysia’s birthday so i decided to make her a cake stand like i had made before for myself. so i went and got the stuff, the dish that i decided to use was a set of 4 salad plats and 4 saucers so i decided to try the cupcake stand, it turned out super cute, and we gave it to her with a sprinkles cupcake on top; ty was suppose to take a picture but forgot 😦  

i decided to use one of the salad plates to make a bigger stand and put it in my etsy shop for sale. i love it it turned out super cute and i am excited that i still have 6 more plates to match up with cups, ohh the possibilities 🙂

DSC_0020 by you.

also because i bought 2 yards of fabric (it was only 2dollars a yard) and the skirt only took like 3/4 yards i decided to use some of the rest to make some girls pillowcase dresses. i made one for a friend who is due any day and another to sell in my etsy shop. i followed my previous pattern only i made the pillowcase myself with the fabric scrap i had.DSC_0026 by you.

i have also already in the month of july made a shirt for myself and a pair of pants that i have been wanting to make for months. i also completed a dress that i intended to be a shirt but didn’t realize the pattern was one that could be dress or tunic. and my mom and i also made some awesome splat mats that i am in love with!!! so be sure to check out my blog over the next few days to see how these projects turned out.

during the month of july i have on my schedule to complete one more sear sucker shirt, another summer dress, a striped top (more fabric that i have had for months), a pair of shorts, some felt roses, a felt checkers board i fell in love with (felting will be a new craft for me so it should be interesting) and a girls and adults dress out of men’s dress shirts. i also hope to finish getting my garden up and running and get some baking done i miss my kitchen and i’m sure my mixer misses me.

well stay tuned for domestic july in the williams’ house and please share with me if this has inspired you to do anything domestic this month!DSC_0022 by you.


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