Baking Cookies

Its been along time since  i have had the energy to bake i would say about a year and half and today i decided i was gonna get in there and make some cookies! i bought chocolate chips about a week ago so i got all my stuff out put Harvey in the excersaucer in the kitchen and got ready to do some cooking. i pulled out all my ingredients only to discover i could tell the difference between the Tupperware of corn starch and the tupperware of baking soda 😦 so i dumped them out and had to find a new recipe for cookies tat didn’t use baking soda. i went online and found a website called its a great site! i love it. i found a chocolate chocolate-chip recipe that used baking powder (something i did have) and decided to try it it seemed easy enough…..

i mixed my flour, baking powder and salt. i creamed my butter and sugar. melted my chocolate chips….DSC_0059 by you.

seriously how good does the sugar look?!?DSC_0058 by you. 

it it smelled amazing! i love cookie dough!

i mixed them all together and beat my eggs into the mix. then i added the chocolate chips. i even let harvey do a little mixing..

.DSC_0062 by you.

i think he thought that was pretty cool.

then i rolled them into balls and put them on the cookie sheet the recipe called for them to be rolled in powdered suger so i did half in that and half not. ( i wanted to see the difference)

i baked them at 350 for 10min and let me tell you they turned out awesome! so awesome that George (the dog) thought he would eat them. 🙂

oh well, according the vet he will be fine cause they were milk chocolate and well i saved half the dough in the freezer cause my secret indulgence is cookie dough!

if you want the recipe check it out here.


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