summer sewing

while my intentions were great to blog every day and update my etsy shop every day this month i was not so successful. but i was successful in finally taking pictures of waht i have been sewing. well almost everything i still haven’t taken a picture of the dress i sewed back in june that i thought was gonna be a shirt. 🙂 this week i will  as my hubby finally got me leggins to wear under it so i will do that. anyway here is the completed summer sewing projects (plus 1 painting project)….

1) before i went sewing crazy at the end of june i was trying to finish decorating our bedroom we still have a lot to do in the living room but the giant white wall in the bedroom was jsut annoying me so i had to fill it. we had these painting my husband had done for me when we first start dating, they were put together in a square pattern as a head board above my bed at the time, in our last home the hung at the top of the stairs here they got put in the closet. i love them but they jsut didn’t go anymore so i decided to liven them up. i took some orange paint to match the material i bought for our bedroom and added some accents and then hung them on the wall. i was pretty happy with them and my husband liked that they became a collaberation.DSC_0067 by you.

DSC_0069 by you.DSC_0070 by you.

2) i sewed my pillowcase skirt (as you may remember me mentioning during the sling and swaddle journey in june) well i finally finshed the embroidery on it and took the pictures! i am excited to wear it i haven’t done so yet.

DSC_0219 by you.DSC_0225 by you.

3) i feel in love with a searsucker top i saw on

it is super cute and my mom is always saying how much she loves searsucker so i thought what the heck i’ll try it! so i went to the store and got some searsucker. that same day i went to the indi craft fair at tall mouse and fell in love with this bias tape

so i decided they would go great together. i don’t remember the pattern number at the moment that i used hmm i will have to look it up i know its in the sleeping baby’s room right now. but anyway it turned out super cute. and was way easy. it calls for some buttons on the pattern but i decided anchors would be cute to match the bias tape so i am working on traking some down. i’ll take suggestions of where to go if anyone has any.DSC_0065 by you.DSC_0072 by you.


The next night i decided i needed some blue pants to go with the top and since i have had this navy linen for probably close to a year sitting in the closet waiting to be sewn into pants i thought what the heck. it ended up being a super quick project, but i am sorry to say i forgot to take a picture of them 😦 but i can tell you i used the easy yoga pant pattern from the “Sew everything workshop” book. but instead of using a drawstring i subbed for an elastic waste band.

3) becuase i bought 2 yards of the searsucker i decided to go ahead and attempt the shirt i fell in love with and i jsut happen to have the same pattern she used. 🙂  Simplicty 2922 i cut out all the peaces for the short sleeved tunic top ( i used the same pattern last summer for a tank top) but i made a mistake when i cut the neck line and didn’t cut the back for a zipper so i ended up altering the pattern a little but it still turned out super cute! and i am in love with it. 

DSC_0218 by you.

after a few alterations to the neck line and washing it agian it seems to lay a lot better than this initial picture. i am thinking still that i am gonna add buttons but we’ll see i am not 100% on that although i do think it needs something maybe. (like i said the picture doesn’t entirely do it justice)

4) the last major project of the summer was to sew some wraps. a twitter freind sent me a tutorial last month and i decided i wanted to try it. so i got the material and did up two. they turned out pretty good so i decided to make one a little longe for myself and give the other 2 away ( i get 2 per 1 material cut). i still have one more to sew and that one i am probably gonna post and sell in my etsy shop http://www.domesticdays.etsy.comDSC_0142 by you.

DSC_0143 by you.



DSC_0174 by you.DSC_0177 by you.

DSC_0179 by you.

While i was at it i through in a business card holder with a scrap of the accent fabric!DSC_0089 by you.

well those are my completed projects thus far. still to come…..

2 more pillow case skirts for me, 1 more dress and 1 tunic out of the dress pattern i mistook for a shirt in june, a pair of shorts, and i’m gonna finish my vintage dress i inteded to wear for easter. 🙂 i have a ton of other stuff coming to but those are the ones that are first in the que and ready to go. my goal is by the end of august to have sewn up all the projects i currently have material for. wish me luck! and keep checking in to see what i’ve been doing.


One Comment on “summer sewing”

  1. Leslie says:

    love all your projects Sherrie, so so great… and how cute is your little one….
    love this will bookmark.
    Im horrible about photographing my sewing projects…. good for you.

    btw.. the shirts you made are SOOO darling. I must try my hand at some tops for me.

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