Sewing is my calm

I have had a crazy week between Harvey not really wanting to go to sleep the last couple nights, and not really want napping the last two days. and him being rather needing this week when he is awake. to having like a zillion errands to run and chores to do. this week was just overwhelming and at the end of each day after i finally laid my beautiful boy in his bed and said a prayer over him i came into my living room took one look at my sewing machine and the fabric and pattern sitting there waiting for me and though no way! i am to tired to sew! granted it was a top that i have sewn before and love so i knew it would take only an hour to cut and sew the entire thing but still i was drained for the days events. so i put it off til the next day in exchange for some twittering, toast, and hulu.

But today, today was different, physically and emotionally i was drained but i really wanted to wear this top tomorrow to the la leche family picnic it was my goal. so as i laid on the bed and nursed my son down for his nap i thought i could fall asleep right here and actually i think i did for a few minutes, but then i thought to myself i could do that or i could take advantage of him sleeping (even if the nap only lasted 10 min like the one earlier in the day) and i could sew my shirt after all it was an easy shirt to make. so i got up and sewed! my son slept for an hour and i sewed and when he woke up he played in his swing and excersaucer while i finished up my shirt. and it turned out so cute (i’ll post a picture tomorrow). and when i was all done i realized the tenseness i had felt earlier in the day was gone, i was relaxed and refreshed and that’s when i realized sewing is my calm.

Sure i despise my seam ripper and when i need to use it i want to throw it across the room but one thing i don’t rush on is making sure that i am sewing the right things together and that my stitches are correct. (i rush on other steps, but before i hit that machine i double check what i’m gonna stitch, i hate my seam ripper that much!) for the most part my sewing is relaxing, it is my time to myself, my time to think or not think if i so choose, it is my time to create and boy do i feel accomplished when i finish my project. rarely do i get up before a project is done and if i do i go back at the next available moment. I have been sewing now on a machine for a year and half and i have become confident in my ability and have come to love my machine and well i think my machine loves me!

I encourage all of you to find your calm, find your sense of creativity and your outlet in which you can create away your stress and anxiety and create a sense of accomplishment for yourself. Feel free to share with me your calm, i would love to hear ways in which others create!

Happy making!


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