Antique Fair

For months i have been wanting to check out the monthly antique far at the local community college, but sadly every month i forget! This month i made a new friend through the play group we are in and she is a beginner sewer like me and super crafty. we have been chatting back and forth and i learned that she loves to check out estate sales and garage sales as well so we decided to check out the antique fair together this morning (i actually remembered in time to go 🙂 ) 

we decided to go at 7am to get there early, before our families woke up and before we needed to head to church. I had so much fun, if nothing else we got to see some awesome things! i took $20 i had from selling an apron on Etsy and i found some great finds!!! For Tyler i found a pipe case and for Harvey i found a golden edge book of hymns which i have been wanting. DSC_0040 by you.

I also found a ton of vintage patterns, i’m not really sure what i am going to do with them but i liked the idea of having them. the lady had a lot of really cute ones and this one lady was buying a ton! she musta had more than 20! i picked 4 at least until i have a plan for them….DSC_0041 by you.

we found one vendor with pillow cases but she only wanted to sell them as a set so i bought a set and leslie bought a set and we each took one of each pillowcase to make dresses with. she also had some trims and i foudn this cute cherry ribbon that i think would be fun on a little girls dress (someday i will have a daughter!!!!) DSC_0038 by you.DSC_0043 by you.

i couldn’t believe how many vendors had trims and buttons and sewing stuff i coulda go crazy buying, there was one lady who had a ton of linens and trims but her prices were kinda high she had this cute cloth activity book for kids that was vintage and i put it down telling myself at the end of the day if she still had it and i had money i could buy it, but it was bought by the time i got back. that’s ok though i will make one! she also had a case of trims that would be so cute but she wouldn’t just sell a few she wanted you to by the whole case and it was huge!!!!! way to much for us. my favorite find of the day besides what i got my boys was a glass and dish that i got to make a cup cake stand. the lady was super cute and when she saw what i was gonna make she said one of the glasses was chipped and so she would sell it to me for a dollar instead of 5 like she was asking. the whole thing cost 3 dollars and it was hardly chipped at all!

DSC_0039 by you.

i did want to find some candlestick holder the tall ones to make some other pedestal stands that i saw but i really didn’t see anything. Overall it was a good day, but before i end my post i have to share the best part….. (well it might be a you had to been there but it made us laugh)

there was one booth where everything was half off and so we took a peak at it and as we are walking out of the booth we see this lady starting at something in the direction of the framed pictures they guy had. and she is really contemplating it like it is a master pieces, hand on her chin the works! she was very deep in thought as we walk past we turn around to see what she was looking at and i wish i had my camera to show you, it was literally a poster of a mouse. the mouse was drawn and there was no background it was plain. it was rather random, but to see her face! HAHA we were both cracking up we were really expecting something rather interesting or at least intellectual but no it was a mouse!

maybe we just don’t know what we were missing!


6 Comments on “Antique Fair”

  1. Leslie says:

    Im totally laughing… I told Nick about that lady right when I got home… so weird…

    which then resulted in long conversation on what people consider art…. and then how people who design fast food logos probably consider that there art…. so random.. but still..

    love all your finds… yeah for the flea market. I was betting prices probably got lower after 12:00 if there was anything worth having left…

  2. Leslie says:

    btw. have to have you over for an afternoon and have you show me your secrets for dealing with patterns… im still way to intimidated…

    • domesticday says:

      haha i couldnt get over her! i bet ur right well have to go in the afternoon next time, there were still people there at 4when i went my moms. anytime u want ill come over we r pretty open and im sure harvey would love to pay with cade.

  3. Leslie says:

    we are pretty open on any day but Tuesday we do baby story hour on Tuesdays… but everything else is off for the summer….
    btw, heard Ashley say your name today, I totally mispronounced it all day, felt stupid.. so sorry…

  4. Jennifer says:

    Is it possible that it was the frame she was pondering? Staring and concentrating to imagine what her own artpiece would look like in it?

    • domesticday says:

      Jen i don’t think know, if i remember correctly it was a super simple frame. i didn’t notice anything awestriking about it. But she coulda been pondering the same thing as us “Why would anyone want that”

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