Art Walk- Laguna Beach

On the first thursday of the month in Laguna beach a ton of galleries open up and participate in the Laguna Beach Art Walk. Last night my husband and i were scheduled for our date night as part of a workshop we are taking through our church. We decided to head down to the artwalk and check it out!. It was so much fun and it had been a while since we got a chance to get out and look at some art. We only made it into a few galleries before having to pick up our son from Grandmas but it was still a ton of fun. Between where we parked and the BJ’s pizza there were 13 participating gallaries for us to check out. (there are a ton more down the road on PCH which we are gonna check out next month). First we grabbed some pizza and ate on the boardwalk and then we made are way. Stopping at David Tosti’s Gallery ( A friend of Friends). Then we worked our way up the street towards our car stopping in to look at some awesome galleries. one in particular had two artists showing that we really loved… the first did paintings of color architecture its hard to explain but he basically painting buildings and houses but everything had nice lines and geometric shapes and all bold colors! tyler said he used a putty knife to do it, either way it was awesome. the other was of urban life, my favorite! there was an awesome painting of an urban street which i loved! Tylers favorite’s were the mixed media artists there was a really cool painting of a tree with plaster framing it, and a few other graphic mixed media stuff that were pretty cool to look at. Along the way we took a ton of pictures of eachother! our goal for the night was to have fun taking pictures and admiring art!

On the way home we saw some beautifiul Twilight skys over the water and there was an amazing full moon, i had a blast taking pictures of the sky from the inside of the car. I’m thnking of printing some out and either framing or selling them.

ty likes that one of the ocean…

This is my favorite of the ocean view…

As we came down newport coast and into Irvine i took some shots of the skyline, this one is my favorite , jsut as i took it Ty started to drive by a couple piles of wood that were off to the side for a construnction crew….

This one is Mariners church, i love how the Cross shows so clearly…

And of course my ultime favorite photo of the night which we have titled the mysterious jumping moon….

It was an amazing night! we took some awesome pictures and we loved getting to look at the beautiful pantings, can’t wait to see what happens next month!

2 Comments on “Art Walk- Laguna Beach”

  1. Leslie says:


    btw.. the tree with the plaster framing it is a friends of ours… aren’t the lovely??

  2. Leslie says:

    oh also meant to post this part sooner, hit publish too soon. cute pics of ya’ll. So fun, sounds wonderful!

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