Wedding Bliss

(As taken from our family blog this morning… a look back at our wedding day details)

Its been almost 2 years since we got married and well we still don’t have wedding album. :) Before i gave birth i finally requested the pictures i wanted proofs of, and finally when we moved we went through the proofs to pick the ones for the album, but let me tell you they are still sitting there waiting to be given back to the photographer so that we can see our first album proof. maybe this week i will get the list over to them. :) with that in mind i came across this post today……
< this girls wedding post>

and it got me thinking back to our wedding day, and what made that day so special. it was a crazy day filled with scheduling people and cordinating church arrivals, the photographer, and trying to get it all in before the saturday evening church service. our DJ didn’t know my name, we had a few friends go a little crazy on the dance floor, and well the cake was suppose to be 2 tiers with the second tier being a 4inch square what we ended up with was a one tier 4inch thick cake. :) None the less the evening was a great hit and no one including me noticed the misgivings. But what made our day great? a few things…

1) it rained the morning of, which is of curse good luck. and cleared in time for the ceremony and pictures.
2) our theme, we met while going on a missions trip to scotland and we wanted nothing more than to incorporate our love for travel into our wedding.
3) my veil, i know its a simple detail but it was my favorite detail, i fell in love with my butterfly style veil and it was custom made for me. it is still to this day next to my bed.
4) Our church, from the old smell, the original stainglass windows, and the brick building on the outside. We wanted a church with an european touch and the closes we found was St. John Lutheran church that was built over a 100 years ago. They even keep thier records in the basement, where our names are carved forever!
5) our wedding song…. Patty Giffin heavenly day. i still cry when i still sing it to my husband everytime i hear it.
6) Our Programs, again with our theme, My aunt made our programs for us and they turned out beautiful, they went along with a travel theme to look like a passport, they included luggage tables so our guests knew what table to sit out, and they had a CD of love songs from other countries. i love them!
7) our guest book, well we had 2, a traditional one my mom insisted on, and the one my husband and i designed…. it was cards that each guest filled out with their name, a prayer or wish for us, a story they wanted to share about us. they were beautiful we have them saved in #8 my giant wedding scrapbook. i love to go back and look through and read the wonderful thoughts people left. and well my giant scrapbook is awesome! its from martha stewart and its as big as my coffee table and rests on the shelf under it.
9) the friends and family who celebrated with us, from the multiple showers, to the rehersal, to the reception, to the bridal party BBQ, and the gift opening BBQ the day after the ceremony. it was so nice to spend time with our friends and family.
10) and the best thing of the day that made it the most special…….
My husband! that’s right my most amazing husband, my bestfriend, my soul mate, he was there on our wedding day, good thing to!

A-0973 by you.A-0937 by you.A-1115 by you.


now to find some more details of our invitations, guestbook, and programs……

and here they are… not the best pictures but they will do…..DSC_0386 by you.

the guest book cards….DSC_0387 by you.

Table names and programDSC_0389 by you.

DSC_0390 by you.

Inside of the program…..

DSC_0391 by you.DSC_0393 by you.

and of course our beautiful invitations!

3 Comments on “Wedding Bliss”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Cool! I’m glad to get to see what your special day was like, Sherrie 🙂

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