Goodwill Goodfinds

This week my husband and i spent sometime together, we were both in the mood to create so we headed to Goodwill to see what we could find to repurpose. We had tons of fun just looking through everything there. 

My husbands goal was to find an old hardcover book that we could turn into an organizer similar to ones we had seen at a craft fair a month back. He found this awesome set of 3 old cook books, in mint condition ready for us to repurpose. they weren’t priced and we went got to the counter the lady sold them to us for $6 because that was the price that someone had left on from a garage sale. she said that was a good deal normally they wouldn’t be that cheap. 🙂 Tyler also found a neat pirate book for harvey that was only 99cents.

DSC_0373 by you.

I found a ton of awesome glasses and dishes. I found the perfect size dessert glass that i wanted to pair up with my dishes from our last goodwill trip to make a cake stand.DSC_0371 by you.

I also fell in love with this green bowl and goblet, which i intnded to turn into a pedastal fruit bowl for our coffee table. DSC_0369 by you.

and then lastly i feel in love with this glass dish with its beautiful etchings. i thought about turning it into a cake stand as well by Tyler thought it looked best the way it is, so we are gonna display it as is on the shelves he’s going to hang for my cake stands. it has a few scratches, and tyler asked the lady if we could have it for 50cents instead of 99 she said she would ask but then she thought about it and was like my manager isn’t gonna do that, so she jsut wrapped it and stuck in the box. pretty cool! (picture to follow….. i accidently deleted it)

Overall it was a good day at the Goodwill, ton of good finds all for $14.

and Today i turned my fabulous dishes into their new purpose…..

DSC_0381 by you.

p.s. the one in pink is last sunday’s antique market $3 find!

Well hopefully sometimes this week we will get a chance to repurpose atleast one book! 

Happy crafting!


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