Wardrobe refashion commitment

So i have kinda thrown this idea back and forth for the last few days after reading about it last week in a blog i follow, the idea is to commit 2,4,6, or a lifetime to not buying anything new but instead making all my own clothes and refashioning what i already have in my closet to something fun and new. i decided today that i would commit to it for 2 months. i have a few items in closet that i have already been planning on refashioning and i have a couple other tutorials i have been meaning to try out. i figure 2 months i can commit to anything longer might get kinda hard for me, especially since my husband works at one of my most favorite clothing stores, H&M! Anyway i applied today and we’ll see where it goes from there, think you want to try it? check out the blog at http://www.wardroberefashion.net/ and be sure to comment back and let me know if you decide to take the refashion commitment!

4 Comments on “Wardrobe refashion commitment”

  1. Are you allowed to buy things in charity shops?

  2. Leslie says:

    I believe you are allowed to buy in charity shops.. and yeah for you.. I read the blog a lot but don’t think Im near there yet.

    Hope your having a great day 🙂

    • domesticday says:

      you could totally do it Leslie! you should do it with me, we will be eachother support! i hope you are having a great day, maybe we can go thrifting this saturday or sew soon.

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