A new dress!

I have been going crazy all summer over searsucker tops and dresses on the blogs i read. so i got myself, some in red and some in green. the red you saw earlier int he form of tops. and well today here is he green as a dress….

This was a super fun dress to make, the collar however, was a pain in the *** to attach! i actually sewed it with the seam on the outside instead of the inside! 😦 i hated it so much that i didn’t feel like ripping it so off it went into a pile for a week of projects to be cut and used later, until i had a great idea, cover up the seam with bias tape! so this mornng i made myself several yards of grean bias tape to match my dress. i covered the hidious seam, there is one little spot where the stitching got a little weird, but overall it doesn’t look to bad in person. 

I decided i need some green in a few more spots, so i added some on the sleeve and two green pockets to bring it all together.

I love the pattern, i look forward to sewing it again. now what fabric to use… hmmmmm..

Simplicity 3835DSC_0505 by you.


One Comment on “A new dress!”

  1. Leslie says:

    adorable! Seriously.

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