a nursing dress/skirt (refashion#2)

Remember this skirt (the yellow one with to small of elastic) when i cut open the casing and attempted to turn into a skirt with a thick elastic inorder to attach that to a tank top and make a dress like the ones i see so many people wearing, but sadly don’t seem to fit me that well since i’m nursing.

So i got out my elastic and attempted to stitch the two together! huge bust! it looked awful first of all it didn’t go on straigt so that was just bad and then it gathered  everywhere except like 5 inches where it was stick straight, and thirdly the elastic turned out to be sized incorectly! the whole thing was a giant failure. 😦 I was gonna scratch it but then i decided i’ll give it one more try! so i bought more elastic and this time huge success i had learned from my mistakes, so here is what i did the second time, step by step (not sharing hte failure dont want to confuse you!)

1) start with an unfished edge of fabric, turn skirt inside out so you are looking at wrong side. take your sized elastic (i wraped it around me and ran a straight stitch to close it off making the right size waist band for where i wanted to where it) place it inside the skirt so it is right side to right side. 

2) line up seam of elastic with seam of skirt. and line up rough edge of skirt with elastic edge so that all of the elastic is covered by skirt while you sew. 

3) now go slow!!!! you may even need a second person depending on how cordinated you are. you are going to stretch your elastic as much as you can and stitch slowly while finding the elastic/fabric through your machine. i used a straight stitch but you could prolly use the zig zag, because i didn’t gather before hand, and instead stretched my elastic while i sewed, the stitches are stretchy  and the skirt gathered as it stitched. turn your skirt so you see the right side, and you should have 3 inches of elastic above your skirt.

4) next you would want to attach it it your tank top to make it a dress. i haven’t done this cause i havn’t found the right tank top yet, but i would imagine the best way to line it up (this coming after another failure of attaching fabric to a tank top to make a dress) would be to put on the tank top first and find your line of where to attach going all the way around, as it might not be as straight as if you were to lay the tank top flat on a table.

for now i just layered my skirt over a brown nursing tank top, i’m not a big fan of it and probably won’t be wearing at anytime soon, as well like i said i don’t have the right top for it for one, and for two, my prego belly and birthing hips, just don’t look right with this particular skirt right now. maybe if i had a more full skirt i might try again otherwise maybe i’ll jsut wait till after #2 is born next april.

well here is the picture for you to see in the mean time. enjoy!DSC_0540 by you.


One Comment on “a nursing dress/skirt (refashion#2)”

  1. Leslie says:

    Cute cute cute…. love this. I must try, after the dust settles.

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