3 hours and 6 dresses later

Today was mommy’s day off, otherwise known as Daddy/Son Day. i spent a little bit of the morning blogging and researching VBACs and then i buckled down and did some much needed sewing of my fabric scraps. I figured since i had a good chunk of time i would try to kickout at all the patiently waiting scraps intended for mock pillowcases dresses and well 3hours was just enough time! i finished the last with only a few minutes to spare before daddy and son were home.

by Mock i simply mean i took large enough scraps of fabric and stitched them to look like a pillowcase. they arent the size of a standard pillowcase dress (atleast most of them) most are smaller, and 2 i made were significantly smaller which is great for that 0-3 month stage as most standard pillowcase dresses are for closer to 1-2 years old. after i stich the mock pillowcase than i finish it off using the stand PC dress pattern using elastic and bias tape. whch was awesome cause i was able to use up my bias tape stash so now i can start making my own bias tape (which i did use on two of the dresses). 1/2 of the dresses i hemmed on the bottom just like a normal PC dress would be. but the other 1/2 i finished off with bias tape which i really like it seems to give the dresses a nice complete pulled together look.

DSC_0021 by you.

The only thing left i have planned for these dresses is for the gingham one i want to make a navy anchor to sew on the front to match the bias tape i used for it. i think that would be super cute, but since i am not a drawer i need my hubby to do that for me first then i will stitch it on.

DSC_0023 by you.

DSC_0024 by you.

Overall i feel very accomplished after today. i had a ton of fun sewing up the stash and using up my bias tape. Now hopefully baby #2 is a girl so she can wear these!


6 Comments on “3 hours and 6 dresses later”

  1. Ramona says:

    Super CUTE! go you!
    i’m not nearly as fast as you, but i’ll blame baby #2 for that (a girl)
    by the way, VBACs are the way to go. SO much easier than a C. My son (now 3) was an emergency C, and then my 10month old girl was a VBAC. i’d choose a VBAC ANY day. (and i did it totally natural, no drugs whatsoever!)
    it’s worth fighting for, especially if you are a Bradley fan. (my drs made me schedule, but i was able to schedule the theoretical C for a week after my due date, and then she was born 4 days pre-due date, so YAY VBACs!)

    • domesticday says:

      thanks for the comment. and i love hearing awesome VBAC stories! Way to Go! i am totally a bradley fan i didn’t take the class the first time around but have since taken it for my doula certification and i totally think its an awesome way to go!

  2. Trudy Callan says:

    These little dresses are really cute. I made several mock pillowcase dresses too. I labeled them sundresses. I made them for my 8 year old daughter. If you want to scroll down to see them, my blog is http://www.sewingwithtrudy.blogspot.com

  3. Stephanie says:

    I do love a productive day!! Perfect dresses for perfect weather.

    xo Steph

  4. Abi says:

    I like your idea of using bias tape for the hem on your dresses, cute. Don’t you just love rostitchery’s tute on making the pillowcases with the elastic? Very cute dresses! Hmm, I need to make some more for my girls.

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