Family morning @ Antique fair

On Sunday morning before we went about our day we decided to stop by the local community college to check out the Antique fair. I was looking for milk glass to make a cake stand, i didn’t find anything that worked but i did find a couple things to use towards some gifts i’m working on.

DSC_0082 by you.

I found these great pieces for a cake stand, for a combined total of $5, i can’t wait to make it! ( i have like 3 others to do from the goodwill still)

there was also this great vendor that had book covers, game pieces, cards, goodie bags, all kinds of neat stuff plus also soda crates which we thought about geting to go with the one we have but we have no place for it right now. anyway i went ahead and got a bday card for harvey and a book cover to make my journal for baby #2, another started project that needs to be finished and blogged. 🙂DSC_0080 by you.

and i found the adorable hanky, the colors are a little hard to see as the lighting isn’t that great, but its so cute, i’m gonna use it a little as inspiration and maybe actually use it on something for the new baby, we’ll see. either way i love it!

DSC_0078 by you.

we’ll that was our day @ the antiue fair. now that the move is over i should be back to crafting tomorrow!


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