Awesome Maternity Pants!

So i had to use my get outa jail free card today in the wardrobe refashion, I bought a new pair of jeans from H&M, they were $10 and i bought them for the intention of altering them into maternity pants. I first saw the pattern and idea on CRAFT a blog i follow which led me to this tutorial. They turned out super cute, and i’m excited for my belly to get a big bigger so that i can wear them. the only part i don’t like is that the pattern calls to cut for under the zipper and the zipper on this particular pair fell really low on me, so the maternity panel is A LOT lower than i would like. the next time i’m gonna make a pair, i’m gonna follow this tutorial which instructs to cut out the zipper and stitch up the zipper cover. which i think i will like better.

Anyway the whole thing was super easy to sew, i think it maybe took 30 min total. gotta love that!!!

So not the best picture hopefully i’ll get a better one later….

DSC_0101 by you.


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