A Quick gift!

I wipped up a quick gift for my hubby tonight, it took 5minutes and it turned out so great! My hubby takes his lunch to work most days and he usually uses a Tasty baby market bag we have (Tasty baby is a babyfood). I have been wanting to make him a bag of his own and so tonight i took the 5 min and i whipped up. 

I can’t find the original source that i saw gave me the idea, but basically here is what i did…

1) Pick a T-shirt you love

2) cut the sleeves off just below the stitching

3) cut the neckline a little larger

4) turn shirt inside out and stitch the bottom to close up the shirt.

5) stitch the edge of the neckline (i used a zig zag stitch)

(you can stitch up the edge of the sleeve to, but i cut really close to the seam so that i wouldn’t have to)

and there you go! you have a market bag.

here is the one i made for my hubby ( i tried to get one of it standing up but i couldn’t get the handles to stay up)….market bag by you.


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