Handmade journal…

When i got prego with my first baby i decided to keep a Journal of my pregnancy, and then parenthood. my plan is to continue to journal through the next 18 years, and to do the same thing for each of my children. I would love to go back now as a mom and have a little sneak peak into the things my mom thought and felt with me, how she handled situations, and her analysis of who she thought i was. and i hope that someday my kids will appreciate the accounts of their lives and will find some connection to me as they parent thier own children. I am prego again and i couldn’t find a journal that fit my likeings so i decided to make my own.

First i cut some cardboard the size i desired, then i used some scratch paper and stitched it together in small bundles (also cut to the same size as the cardboard). Glued it all together and covered it in fabric. In a few weeks when we know the sex of the baby i plan to put an image on the front but i dont want something generic i want something unique to my child.

anyway this is the journal so far…..DSC_0121 by you.

DSC_0122 by you.

One Comment on “Handmade journal…”

  1. Steph says:

    That’s very sweet. I always meant to do that with my daughter, but…you know how life with a baby goes, the best intentions and all that. I guess she’ll just have to settle for reading my blog when she’s older. 😉

    I’d love to have you in my swap; may I have your email address? I look forward to hearing from you!

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