Projects on the brain

Yesterday i finished unpacking the last few boxes we had from our move earlier this month. 2 of the boxes were craft stuff and as i put it all away and looked out our finally unpacked stuff i realized i have a lot of work to do and very little time to do it! scary!!!!! I am such a to do list/priortize girl and to know that i have this much to do and not enough weeks to finish is terrifying but i also know it will all get done. (if i stay focused that is) So today on my brain is my long list….. not in any order of course….

Harvey’s b-day invitations, b-day party details, and one year scrapbook.

Harvey’s B-day and christmas gifts (i bought him a rocking horse today, need to sand and paint! and i have fabric to make a ring stacker for him. i also have the intention of making a plush alphabet for him and two photo books one full of colors, and the other with pictures and names of family and friends)

Christams gifts ( i have the stuff for 2, 2 are done, i have many to plan and make!)

our annual Holiday dinner party invitations

our Holiday cards

and i wish i had my camera (i left it at a friends house today) but i would love to show you the stack of fabric i have to sew for a baby girl, assuming of course that baby #2 is a girl which i won’t find out until thanksgiving, which is a blessing since i will be busy busy busy for the next month preparing everything for Harvey’s 1st b-day and christmas. 

that’s my list, i know it doesn’t seem that long but it is, and with only 3 weeks till our holiday party, 6 weeks till Harvey’s b-day, and 2 weeks to spare after that till christmas, i have a tight schedule to get it all done with a baby in tow!


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