sewing for others

I have been a busy be this last week with sewing, but none of it was for me….

Harvey boy and i visited a freind on friday to do some thrifting ( a post i will get up soon). She had jsut moved and her son turned one so last week my sewing time was spent making them each a present for our visit. 

for her son, i made this awesome tie shirt, which i loved and got a bit carried away with as i made  a few more for other little boys in our lives for christmas gifts….

I used some stitch witcher to attach the fabric tie before sewing. that was something new for me and i love it. 

For my friend i made the apron, i had some fabric that i hadn’t used yet that seemed like it would be here style so i sewed up one of my signature aprons for her.

She enjoyed the gifts, and i enjoyed making them. now off to work on other gifts for christmas…


3 Comments on “sewing for others”

  1. Leslie says:

    Im wearing it now.

    and well cade’s shirt is being saved for party day!

  2. […] November 28, 2009 · Leave a Comment Always the challange for me is the men in our life but now with little men following at all our heals, i have a new set of what to gives. All of them have plenty of toys, and anyway i’m not a toy giving Aunt anyway i prefer things that are handmade, educational, fule imagination or will grow with them. But since all but 1 of the wee men are 1 or under i was a little stuck as to what to make until i fell in love with stitch witchery last month when i made Cade’s Birthday shirt . […]

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