Can you guess #4…

Yes that’s right its Halloween and time to reveal What little Harvey is….

A Pirate Parrot!!!!

I used 3 simplicity patterns to design his costume… one was a Dinasour for the hat; A bird costume to design the beak, and lastly a pirate costume for the obvious! 

i was pretty impressed out how it turned out, the hat although it seemed to work perfect up until yesterday when Harvey attended his first halloween party, then we realized it covered his face a little to much. today we fixed that by using an eye patch to keep it on a little further back. It worked great! Overall i was really impressed with how it turned out. i can’t wait to seem of the professional photos we had taken today. 

Here is a few more pictures for you to enjoy…



4 Comments on “Can you guess #4…”

  1. […] was a pretty great day! i look forward to seeing our professional photos! oh and i’m entering Harvey’s Costume into a sewing costume, praying i […]

  2. brookiellen says:

    omg he is the cutest pirate parrot ever!!

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