Felted Balls

I saw this great post (i forget where now) on making a felt checkers board and than felting rocks as the checkers. i have been wanting to make it but i had no idea were to start on felting. I wanted to start with making felted balls and searched high and low for a how to. i found this girls tutorial and headed to Joanns to get my wool roving. it took about an hour but i had 8 felted balls. They were pretty fun to make. When all was said and done i strong some of the balls and made a necklaces. 

Next time i want to attempt some felted ornaments i saw in a book last week. 

Have you ever felted? What have you made?

3 Comments on “Felted Balls”

  1. joniphippin says:

    I love your necklace. Great work. There is a great tutorial for super quick felt balls at http://www.red2white.wordpress.com If you have kids then time is precious.
    Keep up the great felting/sharing

  2. […] lastly today i restrung this felted ball necklace so it’s a bit longer for me to wear, i then got a compliment on it at lunch!! (how nice is […]

  3. […] for good measure here is a picture of the belly (please put aside the dirtiness of my mirror!!!) and if your interested in the necklace I’m wearing you can check it out here. […]

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