eggs nests and advent

I read this great post on CRAFT about an advent calender made from wooden thread spools, i checked out the blog and found a great two part “Green” project….

First you get our vintage thread spools, i got mine last weekend at the monthly antique fair at Irvine Valley college.


Then you dethread the spools and make this awesome Thread nests.

When your done you then use your wooden spools to make Advent Calendars.

So excited to make them hopefully in the next week or so…


3 Comments on “eggs nests and advent”

  1. Cathe Holden says:

    I LOVE when someone actually makes one of the projects I share- and bonus: that you would share the projects with your readers!! I will be checking back to see how your nests and advent calendars go! (No pressure, lol!)

  2. […] i posted this 2 part project last week oh how to use 25 vintage spools of thread. My friend LeslieĀ and i got a chance to hang […]

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