Fall Green

A few weeks back i made a green sweater that i love, the color is perfect for fall and its a little big bigger which will be good as baby grows. i don’t have any awesome pictures of it but this is what i do have…

I used simplicty pattern number 2560. and for this one i used a ribbed jersey. I have some material to make one more out of a plain jersey so we’ll see how that turns out. 

with this first attempt i did have a few mistakes,the sweater is sewn in two parts the top and the bottom, and each is a solid back piece attached to the two front pieces. somehow i missed this when i was cutting out all the pieces and so i ran out of fabric, so in the back i had to modify a bit which actually worked really well. then in the front when i attached it all together i forgot to gather my waistline stitch so i had to trim the extra fabric. in the end it turned out pretty good considering my needed alterations but like i said we’ll see how #2 turns out. overall i do like it!


3 Comments on “Fall Green”

  1. Leslie says:

    whats not to like. its adorable…. really. great color on you too….

  2. […] the new one i used the simplicity pattern (#2560) which i had previously used and just used a different […]

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