Christmas Elf

I have been a busy bee working on Christmas and Harvey’s birthday. With the intention of making both 100% handmade its made for a busy busy week. But here is a sneak peek at our holiday….

Handmade christmas wreath….


and Harvey’s Party Hat…


but check back later this week for our Handmade friendsgiving this past weekend, and Holiday Ornaments for my Ornament Exchanges. As well as a beanie i have been working on crocheting.  What about you are you a busy santa Elf?


2 Comments on “Christmas Elf”

  1. brookiellen says:

    love the birthday hat!! cash’s birthday is sunday and i was gonna make him a hat but decided he can wear his “max” crown from his halloween costume:)

    • domesticday says:

      Thanks! i like it, i have been trying to get a pic of him wearing it for 3 days for his party invitation but its not goin so well! gonna try again 2moro. how old is Cash?

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