Its that time of year where we all go crazy, shopping, planning, cooking, creating and all so our friends and families can have a wonderful Holiday season. This years 8th annual holiday party was a Friendsgiving theme….

It started with invitations, each invitation challanged the families to an act of service….

My friend Leslie wasn’t able to make it in the end but she and her family shared love in an awesome way… They made Sock lunches , what’s a sock lunch you ask? Well as she explained it, they take a pair of socks and fill them with a bottle of water, a fruit cup, a chefboyardee cup and granola cup. they tie the socks together, keep them in their cars, and then hand them out to homeless in lue of cash. I think its a great idea, and lookforward to doing it with my family in the near future.

My husband Tyler and I did a prayer walk as our act of service. We walked around our neighborhood and we prayed over it. Harvey even participated and we lifted his prayers up to God.

After the act of service we invited everyone for a potluck lunch on Sunday after church. It was a wonderful meal! We had Ham, yams, Potatoes, green bean casserole, stuffing and pumpkin pie for dessert!!!

Before and After the meal and in between conversation we invited our friends to share in two activites…

the first a blessings book…

I made the book myself, using book covers i found at an antique fair in October and some book binding tape i already had on hand. i really like the way it turned out, i wish i had some more covers to make more for gifts.

And Make your own ornament…


I think the day was overall a great time to our friends. Good food, children laughing, and crafting! what more could i ask for?


One Comment on “Friendsgiving”

  1. Leslie says:

    sounds so lovely wished we would have been there.. there sicker than ever today… not not good….

    lovely event Sherrie.. really.

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