New Beanie


I am so excited, i learned to crochet when i was a little girl about 12 i think from my great grandma. I stopped doing it for a few years but about 2 years ago i decided to start picking it up again and taught myself how to crochet beanies. the first christmas they turned out great, minus the little point where i closed it off. then last year, huge bust! i couldn’t get them to round out for anything, and then the one that turned out was way to small for any adult. So i gave up, i was to frustrated. So i decided again with christmas here again and the plan to make all the christmas gifts of the year i decided to give it a try.

It started out bad, my first attempt again was not forming the hat shape 😦 so my friend Alysia told me to stop and start over. So i did. I moved on to attempt #2 it started out bad, creating that same point as last time only this time way worse! so i text Alysia and asked her what i was doing wrong. She told me that i was adding a stitch each row, and that technically i could reduce one stitch each row to even it out. So I did, and Walaw! a beautiful Beanie! So excited!!!


One Comment on “New Beanie”

  1. […] successfully ever made 3 beanies and I made them 2 years ago! the other 900 attempts were fails! (Beanie #1, and Beanie #3). Anyway so like I said I was really nervous to make it; I searched for a pattern I […]

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