Ornament Exchange

So i participated in 2 Ornament Exchanges this year…


And i got both sets out this week. 🙂 

My original Plan of making a felted candycane didn’t work out to well, ended up looking more like a ying yang 🙂 so i moved on, thought real hard and came up with a great idea for one of the crafty bloggers i was trading with. The first recieved her’s today so i feel good sharing what the ornaments i made looked like, and can’t wait to share with you what the ones i receive look like.

So here are mine…

i like  them a lot, i was able to use up some scrapbook supplies i had left over from a previous years christmas cards along with some wooden spools i had extra from when i did my egg nests and advent calender (which i will post soon).


2 Comments on “Ornament Exchange”

  1. brookiellen says:

    they are awesome!! when you get a chance could you take a pic of the one i sent you?:) i totally forgot to take one before I sent it!! thank you!

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