Egg Nests…

So i posted this 2 part project last week oh how to use 25 vintage spools of thread. My friend Leslie and i got a chance to hang out last week and start the thread project. and we worked on our egg nests. I still need to find some small wooden eggs to paint to put inside. but i think the nests turned out pretty cute. For some of the nests we combined different colors that went well together, making for a different effect. I’m excited to find the eggs and finish them up, but i am more excited to finish the advent calender this week in time for the beginning of December.


3 Comments on “Egg Nests…”

  1. Cathe Holden says:

    Love that you mixed the thread!!! Thanks again for the link love!

  2. […] saw my bird nests, now here is what i did with the spools…. an advent […]

  3. […] of the wreath itself purchased at dollar tree. I then covered it with yarn and lace i had on hand. The nest was a project i made 2 years ago with my this lovely lady and had yet to have found a use for it. […]

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