Make-up cases

I stumbled across this great blog which gave me 3 projects for christmas gifts, and i was able to just about complete my list of people i didnt have a project for yet. The Blog is called, Dollar Store Crafts, and it lists projects that all cost minimal $. In their $5 and under category i found a tutorial on how to make a placemat makeup brush. So when i headed out on monday to find my placemats for the beach bag i’m making i grabbed some extra to make the girls in our family a brush roll. I didn’t follow the tutorial, i’ve made rolls like this before but the inspiration was an integral part of the process. 

To make my brush rolls i followed these steps:

1. Fold the bottom of the placemat up towards the top, making sure to leave enough room for your Make-up brushes to fit with the brush roll.

2. take a small piece of twil; tape, ribbon, or some other tie, fold it in half and place between the folded placemat on one side.

3. Stitch up side of placemats where the two sides have sandwiched your tie

4. Stitch up opposite side.

5. stitch vertical lines to create pockets (any width apart you desire)

Optional: For the front of the brush roll, i used rub on letters from my scrapbooking supplies to make it say “Makeup brushes”

Now you are good to go.. Put your brushes in, and you have a new carry case for them. 

Please note i used vinyl placemats to make my brush roll as you can easily wipe it off, as residue builds up from your brushes. 



One Comment on “Make-up cases”

  1. Leslie says:

    adorable. serioulsy.

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