the Wee ones

Always the challange for me is the men in our life but now with little men following at all our heals, i have a new set of what to gives. All of them have plenty of toys, and anyway i’m not a toy giving Aunt anyway i prefer things that are handmade, educational, fule imagination or will grow with them. But since all but 1 of the wee men are 1 or under i was a little stuck as to what to make until i fell in love with stitch witchery last month when i made Cade’s Birthday shirt .

So i decided to try my hand it again, along with some good oldfashion sewing of PJ pants.


So here is what i did for the Shirts….

1. get a plain shirt or onesie

2. Find a scrap of fabric you like and cut into a tie shape

3. Cut your stitchwitcher to fit perfectly behind the tie (anything sticking out will ruin your iron)

4. Place stitch witchery on shirt with your tie on top of it and iron on as per the package instructions.

5. for added touch zig zag stitch around your tie

For the PJ Pants, i used a simplicity pattern for baby pants, and just aujsusted to the needed size. its a pretty easy minimal step process.

What are you making for the wee men in your life?


4 Comments on “the Wee ones”

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