Advent #1

Telluride Advent Calendar

Above is my inspiration… an Advent Calender i saw at pottery barn last year that i fell in love with! So i set out a plan last December to make my own felt advent calender. Mine certainly isn’t as detailed as the Pottery barn tree, but its simple, homemade, hand embroidered, and made with love, a perfect gift for my sweet and simple little boy!

So here is our felt tree….

we hung it on Harvey’s closet door and although we aren’t gonna put a gift in everyday we are gonna use it to count down the days til christmas and we are gonna use it to faciliate our conversation of Advent and this joyus season. then maybe next year when he is a bit bigger to understand each box will have something more than a bible verse.


2 Comments on “Advent #1”

  1. tessa says:

    I had this while growing up and when i was a kid it was always candy and sometimes there would be money. On the 24th and 25th there would always be money like a couple dollars or a 5’er. My mom recently changed it up a bit and for my nieces we leave notes in there instead. On the note it’s like a “find me under tessa’s favorite chair” type of thing, and they hunt around the house for their surprise. We buy cool little gifts and hide and wrap them and they love it and look forward to the next hidden treat.

  2. […] with my mom right now so they are hung above Harvey’s crib. his room is very festive with his tree advent calender also hung and his wreath on his […]

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