Learning Fun

I am all about gifts that either require a little one to use their imagination or that teach them a little something. I also prefer handmade over store bought gadgets (as you can tell from my goal of making every single gift this year). So when i set out to plan Harvey’s christmas gifts a few different things came to mind, the first of which is a name book which would help him associate people’s names and faces. 

So here is what i did…

1) Picked photos of Harvey with his loved ones. (one for each that would go into the book)

2) uploaded to http://www.snapfish.com and then started a book project. (i used the $4 flip book for my template)

3) I then laid out each page and for the caption i typed the individual’s name in the picture. Inspired by the program baby can read i wanted to make each name in a different font but the template i used didn’t allow that. 

the layout went as follows:

Harvey (on the cover)



and Lastly Friends…

4) When i was all done i hit print and send. and there you have it a new fun book!


7 Comments on “Learning Fun”

  1. Leslie says:

    Is it bad that we did this with Rylan… so cute… and now Cade looks at it… and Rylan assumes the baby is Cade…. so she tells Cade there is you and Papa…..so I have never made him one… oops.

  2. domesticday says:

    Leslie you are a huge dork! and i’m totally telling Cade you did that! 🙂

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  4. […] i also made him a plush alphabet and some books. […]

  5. […] i also made him a plush alphabet and some books. […]

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