From Tea Towel…

To Calender!

I saw this awesome project on Dollar store crafts for a Calender made from a tea towel. The site also offers free downloadable PDFs for  the calender. My Husband Printed up the PDF’s for me and was able to include a picture of each of the recipients. All the PDFs are  printed on iron transfer paper, which we then ironed onto the tea towel per the tutorial.

It was a quick and inexpensive gift. Seriously! i got 2 Calenders per towel and each towel cost $1 @ the dollar tree. And the iron transfer paper i got in a pack of 10 for $14. Making each Calender a total of $3.10. how nice is that?


4 Comments on “From Tea Towel…”

  1. AWESOME!! I love the idea of putting the photo on the calendar -brilliant!!

  2. Cathe Holden says:

    Love this!!! Yay husband!

  3. domesticday says:

    thnx gals! it was a great idea! and they turned out great!!!

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