Advent #2

You saw my bird nests, now here is what i did with the spools…. an advent Calender.

Both ideas came from a blog i love called Just something I made. On her Blog Cathe offers downloads for the spool wrappers and endcaps all coordinating, and beautifully numbered). I just used her spool wrappers, printed them out. On each wrapper i wrote a verse for the day (our calendar tells the christmas story from Matthew 1 and 2). I then ran the wrappers through my xyron machine using a permanent adhesive. Then i cut out each wrap and wrapped them around my 24 empty spools. I then strung and hung them on red yarn above our bed. 

I love them! what a fun way to count down the days! the only note that i would make, is that used fairly small spools so I should have wrapped first before writing versus, as i covered up some of my writing when i wrapped.  But that was easily remedied! 

so what does your advent calender look like?


2 Comments on “Advent #2”

  1. Cathe Holden says:

    LOVE IT!!! You are really making me look cool, you know!

  2. domesticday says:

    HAHA you are cool! I obviously love your ideas, but totally didn’t catch that you designed the tea towel calender and till just now! gonna blame that on my pregnancy brain!

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