Petuas…MMMM good

Don’t those look yummy? Let me tell you they are by far my most favorite breakfast food ever! My Grandma has made these for me since i was a little girl, her mom before her and so on. Basically it is an italian donut! The way my grandma tells it, its one of the dishes that her italian grandma made becuase it would go along way. It was something special it was a cheap bread to fill their tummys. But now its a yummy sugar breakfast food that makes me smile 🙂

Want to make some of your own, they are really easy (well the recipe we use now is really easy, not the recipe my grandma uses)


1 box of Pillsbury hot roll mix (this is hard to find, its a dry mix found in the baking aisle, and usually only at christmas, unless your leave near a special albertsons that carries it all year)

1 bowl of sugar


1) Mix pillsbury hot roll mix per the pizza dough instrunctions. (this can be done morning of or day before, just make sure you give the dough time to rise)

2) Once dough is risen and your ready to fry it up get your oil warming on the stove and your bowl of sugar out.

3) break off little pieces of dough and spread it thin between your fingers.

4) place in frying pan, and fry it up.

5) pat it dry on a paper towel

6) dip in sugar and eat!

Questions? feel free to ask. Enjoy!!!


4 Comments on “Petuas…MMMM good”

  1. Leslie says:

    so making these too. My waist blames you. These look incredible and I always see those boxes of pillsbury and wonder what to make with them.

  2. domesticday says:

    🙂 let me know how they turn out. we usually do half the dough in the morning for Petuas and then use the other half at lunch for a pizza. they are also good with jelly on them or honey.

  3. […] year for our christmas brunch my husband are i brought two dishes. (our usual Petuas, which were special request from Alysia) and French toast […]

  4. Steph says:

    Mmmm….they look like they’d be so good with a cup of hot coffee. I dearly love sweet breakfast breads.

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