And the stocking were hung..

yup, our stockings are hung! we dont really have anywhere to hang our prsonal stockings since we are staying with my mom right now so they are hung above Harvey’s crib. his room is very festive with his tree advent calender also hung and his wreath on his door.

I made our stockings this year out of some snuggle fleece that i got out a local discount fabric store and then stitched our names on them. They are really simple but i like the way they turned out. and the plus is i can alwasy add one for each of my additional kids and it will still match. 

Here is a close up of harv’s stocking…

did you make your stockings? if so what do they look like?

2 Comments on “And the stocking were hung..”

  1. juliana says:

    I’m making our new ones right now! I’ll post a pic when they’re done!

  2. […] also made 4 new stockings (my style is constantly changing so last years just didn’t cut it). To make the stockings I used scrap fabric from my stash and some 99cent […]

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