Christmas Apron

My grandma loves aprons!!! so much so if she is at home she will probably be in an apron 🙂 Its one of those things we will all remember about my grandma is the smell of her cooking and the rarity of seeing a picture of her not in an apron 🙂 So when i cam across this vintage apron pattern, i knew it was the perfect for my grandma! 

I didn’t like the pocket, for some reason i decided it was gonna be to difficult so i left that out, which screwed me up when stitching the shoulders on but i was able to recover by cutting the neck in the center lower. At first i was nervous it was gonna be to short or not fit properly but it turned out it fit great! if anything it was a little back and overlapped in the back. 🙂

the back is cute to, it has two buttons to attach the shoulder straps which cross in the back, and then has a belt to tie at the waist.

I really like the way it turned out in the end, and i hope my grandma will wear it for christmas’ to come!

One Comment on “Christmas Apron”

  1. Vic says:

    What a gorgeous apron! I’m sure your Gran will love it & where it for many Christmases – I know I would!

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