some new pants

being on baby #2 and being 6months prego i am getting a decent basketball in my belly, and well even my favorite maternity jeans from round 1 are getting small. So on black friday when i went into H&M and saw a new selection of $10 jeans i was so excited! i tried on about 6 pairs trying to find the size and cut that i liked so that i could try my hand again at some new maternity jeans. I finally found one i liked. 

this time around i sewed them differently, i kept the waistband and everything intact, i just used my micro tip scissors and cut out the zipper. i then used some jersey and pinned it to the inside of the jean’s opening ( i did this with the jeans on me so i knew how much jersey i needed)

the fit pretty good, the jersey i used isn’t my favorite and so i still use a rubber band around the button and through the button hole for a tad more tightness, between the stretch of the jeans and the jersey by the end of the day they are a bit big, but in a month or so i know i won’t be saying that.

I also had to alter the length and the width of the legs, as I’m short and they were long and wide legged, really wide legged, like go back to junior high and wear jnco pants wide legged!

In the end I’m pretty proud and i have a new more comfy pair of jeans to wear!


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