Fun with colors

As i have said before i am a big fan of gifts that teach kids but are still fun. Harvey loves books, he loves to read, especially in the car! he loves his cloth books the most. so i made him this cloth color book.

Here’s how….

1) picked up quilters quarters in the colors i wanted

2)lay out the book in the order you would like the pages. then open to the middle so you can see which colors need to be stitched together to make the pages. in this case it was red/purple, orange/blue, and yellow/green. its important to lay them out so you can also see which sides of the pages to stich together. i had to rip out my seams and re-stitch cause i did them wrong them first time.

3) then i cut out my batting slightly larger than the pages themselves.

4) then i stiched each page set to the batting. In this case the cover and the red/purple page where laid right sides together on top of the bating and then same for the yellow/greeen and orange/blue

5) i stiched around the pages leaving a space to turn them inside out. then folded in the edge where the opening is and stitched it closed.

6) then i stiched all the pages together with a straight stitch down the center.

and your done!

to right the names of the colors i used fabric paint and a stencil. a friend glued on thin wooden letters. you could also embroider it and i’m sure there are even more ideas out there.

Here is a picture of Harvey boy enjoying his book!


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