Crochet disaster!!!

Yes you read that right disaster 🙂 So my goal was crochet a beanie for my hubby  for christmas. it started out as a complete disaster! i attempted to start the beanie 10 times. i used 3 different patterns, 2 different hooks, and 2 differnt yarns and all i could get were flat crocheted circles! i was so frusterated!!! I eventually gave up and asked my friend Alysia for help, she said she would go ahead and start a beanie and all i would have to do was finish the length. So she came and picked up my black yarn and did just that. Then once she left i thought i’d start it one more time, and what do you know the 11th attempt was a charm! i don’t have any clue what i did differently but it worked! i eneded up running out of yarn and had to add in a second color. So my hubby got to pick out his second color. 

Here is my hubby modeling his new beanie!


2 Comments on “Crochet disaster!!!”

  1. […] a while back i posted on my crochet Disaster, and how i had my friend Alysia start a beanie for me because mine were just not turning out! well […]

  2. […] have only successfully ever made 3 beanies and I made them 2 years ago! the other 900 attempts were fails! (Beanie #1, and Beanie #3). Anyway so like I said I was really nervous to make it; I searched for […]

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