a break for myself

So i have taken off the last week and half from sewing. mostly by choice partly by force of my sewing machine. 🙂 

some thread got jammed and i need to take apart the machine in order to clear it and sew again. until i work up the energy to do that i have kept busy by reorganizing my sewing/craft supplies and helping my mom do the same in her sewing room.


I don’t have a before after of the shelves of our book shelf and my desk, but the after for me is nice to look at, as I found so much room for everything! i also reorganized my fabric, one shelf is fabric that is projects to begin sewing tomorrow! there is a new skirt, slippers, a couple shirts, and a few gifts for people. the other two shelves of fabric are scraps (solid and kid patterned) and fabric that is suppose to have a purpose but I sill either need a pattern or it just isn’t a priority yet. 🙂

I also took the time during my break from sewing to finish up some mending and dieing projects that have been sitting around. one has been sitting in my to do pile for almost 8 years!!!

I died a black sweater (the 8 year to do) and a few onesies…

Tyler started by doing up the water, and dipping the clothes…

I then stirred the fabric here and there over the hour it sat until Ty took them out and ran them under water, and then dried it on our drying rack.

the onesies look good, but the sweater not so good. not sure what had happened exactly but it has what i assume are sun bleach spots and now they are dark brown spots. suggestions?

then today i worked on my mending projects… a skirt (sitting here for i think 4 or 5 years) and some shorts my hubby gave me last year….

and lastly today i restrung this felted ball necklace so it’s a bit longer for me to wear, i then got a compliment on it at lunch!! (how nice is that!)

I’d say for being my week away from my sewing machine it was rather productive! but i am rather excited to get back to my machine tomorrow! and excited to make myself some things for a short change before i jump into baby sewing!!


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