Crochet Success!

So a while back i posted on my crochet Disaster, and how i had my friend Alysia start a beanie for me because mine were just not turning out! well when i got back the one she started i looked a little closer at it and realized what i thought were failed attempts were probably the start of success so i thought i’m gonna try this. So on the way to our family snow day i pulled out some yarn and began crocheting away, i started to get the flat circle I was worried about but kept going and eventually it curved and did its thing and out come what was probably the best beanie i made! when my brother-in-law had seen the color he commented on how much he liked it and so when it was finished I gave it to him. it matched his shirt for the day perfect, and i was glad to give him a beanie as i had intended! now I’m amped to make more, just need to make the time  and recpients 🙂


One Comment on “Crochet Success!”

  1. […] ever made 3 beanies and I made them 2 years ago! the other 900 attempts were fails! (Beanie #1, and Beanie #3). Anyway so like I said I was really nervous to make it; I searched for a pattern I liked for a […]

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