always wear clean underwear!

I read this post over the summer on making your own underwear and i wanted to give it a try. so i have been holding on to a teeshirt or two for just this purpose. i knew i didn’t have much sewing time on saturday between nap time and dinner and then heading off to church so i decided today would be a good day to test it out. They turned out super cute and they were fun to sew. they took about a 45minutes, i can’t wait to make more!

Here’s how i did mine…

I started out with a favorite pair of mine as my template, laid it on my teeshirt and using a rotary cutter, cut around it (leaving some seam allowance).. i was to lazy to but you could also trace it and then cut, or if the pair you like is trash then cut it up and use that as a template.

When that was done, i stiched my seams and then stitched in another layer in the crotch…

with that done, i then measured out a piece of lace elastic for the top, and stitched it on…

I then folded in the rough edge of the legs and zig zag stiched them to make a clean edge…

and like i said about 45 minutes later (if that) i was all done and had a new pair of homemade undies, out of a teeshirt!

are you willing to try some? i’d love to hear  if you do!


2 Comments on “always wear clean underwear!”

  1. Leslie says:

    I tried some awhile back… last year for Valentines Day “blush”… they came out great, but haven’t done it again for some reason….

    • domesticday says:

      Leslie you should try again! we can add to our list of things we are gonna sew when we can have a no kids sewing day. we have these, the shaving cases 🙂 oh and i want you to help me do shiring for some reason i’m super nervous about it.

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