stash sewing

As i posted earlier in the week i spent some time while my sewing machine was broken organizing my fabric and prioritizing the projects i wanted to make. one of the projects i had in mind was a dog bed. Since i have had the worst pregnancy insomnia this past couple of weeks, i thought it might help if rather than going to bed at 9 and waking up at 2 if i pushed myself a bit and went to bed a tad later in hopes of sleeping closer to actual morning. so when we got home for church i pulled out some random fabric i had stored from junior hight and stitched myself up a dog bed for our doggy (currently in his crate was my old comforter which he had shredded to almost threads!!

to make it i simply cute my 2 fabrics pieces and batting all the same size. (i used the top of his crate as my template for sizing). and then i placed the fabrics right sides together on top of the batting. i stitched 3 sides. then trimmed all the extra off, flipped the fabric inside out and stitched the fourth side closed. it literally took me 17 minutes (i was watching a movie and got 17 min in before i was done sewing).

it turned out great and so far George seems to like it! and even if he shreds it, who cares it was so easy to sew!’


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