Blown his nose in style!

I saw this great idea on the wardrobe refashion blog i post on and decided that i would use my scraps and make Harvey an awesome tissue box and cloth tissues. He loves to pull the tissues out of boxes so i figured this would be a great play for him, plus it would be a great way to cut back on using actual tissues on his delicate nose.

So here is how i made our tissue box and tissues…

I started with my scrap pile and cut them into squares to a good mini hanky size for Harvey….

then i Hemmed each of those squares. You can Also double side them with terry cloth or fleece, or anything soft if you desired. I wanted quick and simple so i didn’t do that but some of my tissues are fleece themselves.

Next i pulled out an empty tissue box and pulled the plastic off the inside of the opening. 

then I proceeded to cover the tissue box. I used Tacky glue on the sides and long strips the width of the box. I then started on one side leaving enough fabric on the end to tuck in the hole and cover the top, and then continued wrapping the strip around the bottom of the box and up the opposite side, again leaving enough fabric at the end to tuck into the box. (this took 2 strips of fabric and they overlap on the bottom of the box)

when all the sides were covered i began work on the top. As you can see from the photo i put a thin strip of glue along the fabric edge and a little bit of glue around the edge of the opening. I then tucked the fabric end into the hole and pushed up back up towards the opening so that it would glue itself to the top of the box on the inside.

I then folded my tissues so they would come out of the box just like real tissues. to do this i started with tissue A and tissue B. I sandwiched half of tissue B into a folded (lengthwise) tissue A. then i took tissue C and laid it on top of tissue A and sandwiched one half of tissue C and the top fold of tissue A between Tissue B. (i hope that make sense, if not please comment so and i will try to get a better explanation) I continued doing this until all the tissues were folded into each other.

I then took the folded Tissue pile and folded it in half and stuck it into the box. When you do this that fold will kind of open up and push out towards the sides. then you could pull out the top tissue and every time you pull one out the next should come out with it.


4 Comments on “Blown his nose in style!”

  1. emma_G says:

    That’s a gorgeous tissue box/tissues 🙂 What a great idea for play

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  3. Malea says:

    That is such an awesome idea! Good job!

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