Scrap’s be gone!

I am not a big fan of scraps just hanging around my sewing room, I especially don’t like when they pile up, when they get to be to much i like to find a use for them and get them gone! So yesterday i posted on Harvey’s latest gift. It used up most of my scraps, but with the scraps that were to small, to narrow, or created from cutting my stash to the right sizes i made George our dog some new toys! He loves Ropes and he especially loves the ones i make out of my fabric scraps, i dont know why but he has always enjoyed them.

To make them all i do is knot together the scraps until they are knotted as much as possible. and then i leave the rest up to the dog. its great because he shreds all of his toys!!! ALL of them!!!!! so this is a great way for us to save money and for me to use my scraps up!


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